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The Magic Of Chanel Métiers d’Art


Life has been super hectic recently, with my first (extremely complex) university assignments (which I should currently be focusing on) as well as working 24/7, I have found it virtually impossible to fit in blogging as well, but when a Chanel show hits the runway, you just have to find the time.

As Chanel once again celebrated the work of its cherished artisans at its Métiers d’Art show in Rome on Tuesday night, it’s an appropriate moment to reflect on the phenomena of the showcase that the French fashion house has crafted and grew into a sleek and impressive affair since its inception in 2002. There is always so much going on at a Chanel show that it’s difficult to keep your head together enough to know what to describe first.

The Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show is an annual collection of special edition pieces that highlight the brand’s craftmanship. Its strategic significance, however, is as part of the 21st-century trend for impressive and extravagant fashion events in the most beautiful locations.

Set in the Italian capital’s iconic Cinecittà film studios, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld recreated a black-and-white Parisian square which was not only put to use by the models exhibiting the collection, but also by attendees who were invited to become a part of the set. The elimination of “the fourth wall” between viewers and the pieces is a tried-and-tested technique by Chanel and the importance of it isn’t lost on Pavlovksy. Despite being securely seated in Rome’s Cinecittà film studio, guests at the 12th Metiers d’Art show were transported to the streets of bohemian Paris.

Times are still raw and tender for the French capital, following the terror attacks in Paris last month, still buried in grief and occupied with heightened security. Karl Largerfeld said  during a preview of his latest Métiers d’Art collection, “I didn’t know when we started the idea of Paris in Rome that it would be the best moment to show a perfect, romantic Paris when Paris today in reality is the opposite of a romantic city.”

Lagerfeld is known as one of modern culture’s greatest storytellers, with every collection audience’s are given a backstory to go along with his captivating collections, creating a powerful bond between his target audience’s and the pieces showcased. He has created at Chanel a seductive and vivid fantasy world.

The model line-up consisted of big names such as Lara Stone, Binx Walton and Lindsey Wixson, also making her Chanel catwalk debut was Gigi’s younger sister Bella Hadid. Bella transformed into a Gothic goddess as she walked for the first time for Lagerfeld.

Attendees got the pleasure of being transported from a cocktail bar to an outdoor cinema and finally to the catwalk, which began with a short film starring Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin; a mini-biopic which depicts the young and flirtatious Coco Chanel.

Echoing Lagerfeld’s film, the collection skewed seductive, with barely-there slip dresses, flirtatious one-shoulder tops and provocative black leather minidresses, culminated with lace dresses as delicate as negligees and flecked with dark purple ostrich feathers. Chanel’s racy femininity subdued by masculine structured coats in more black leather and textured felt.

It was a beautiful collection: elegant, sophisticated, deeply sexy, what more could an audience want or expect from Chanel?

Chanel and Paris will always be inseparable. In the grand tradition of twist endings, Lagerfeld came to Rome, and made a love story to Paris.

See pieces from the collection below (pictures from Vogue, see the full collection here).

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