Liverpool Fashion Week: Part 2


With a blog makeover, I thought it was only relevant to write a brand new post on a brand new design.

Another successful Liverpool Fashion Week came to its end on Thursday night, after 4 days of established designers, new talent and exhibitors, the sixth edition of the city’s annual style showcase drew to a conclusion, a stylish conclusion to say the least.

The event featured a range of talent, from local designers to established brand outlets, all of which put on a stylish event. The collections ranged from sophisticated and elegant, to risqué and ribald pieces. As my previous post looks into the event’s launch night, I thought I’d give you a recap into the rest of the week if you couldn’t make it or didn’t catch any of the collections (or if you’re completely unaware of Liverpool’s Fashion Week, you may want to read also).

Day two was reserved for arising designers, where Rachel Tsai stole the show with her doll inspired collection. Tsai was influenced by a childhood gift which her Grandmother had given her as a child, combining a sporty aesthetic with gingham and pastel shades, the collection was vibrant and feminine whilst still edgy.

Wirral based designer, Tayamika, was also centre of attention with her collection of traditional African prints combined with modern silhouettes. As well as grabbing the attention of locals in Merseyside, Tayamika’s designs are being talked about from as far away as Zimbabwe.

On day 3 of the 4 day long event, the Fashion Week seen a change of venue over to the Marina Bar and Grill for a day of workshops regarding working within the fashion industry. The workshops intended (and succeeded) in proving that the fashion industry isn’t as shallow as perceived, as did director Amanda Moss’s deliberate decision to use models which represent all shapes and sized.

The final day shown us London brand, Rule One, a brand which has been spotted flaunting the bodies of countless celebrities. Not to mention the glorious backdrops of boats and yachts which offered a picturesque setting for fashion week’s finale. The collection adhered to the hype of their current, classic and always classy reputation with elegant backless dresses, fur-clad coats and chic jackets, whilst Spoilt Boutique charmed the audience with sensual full-length dresses, and their recurring theme of bare skin.

For the finale, Niche displayed its bridal collection, a personal favourite of mine throughout the event. The brand new and exclusive label offering a stunning collection of Bespoke Bridal gowns and Occasion-wear. The collection was nothing if not magical, Liverpool’s own Elie Saab. The collection was everything a bride could want, complex lace details, figure hugging shapes and draped minutia.

So as we close the curtain on Liverpool Fashion Week 2015, director Amanda Moss says all four days have made her proud to have been able to once again show off the city to the rest of the fashion industry. “Hopefully Liverpool Fashion Week will entice more people to use Liverpool as a platform to launch their careers.

“We have had photographers from Italy, bloggers from France and a model fly in from India, straight from India Fashion Week, to participate making Liverpool Fashion Week once again an international platform for fashion design.”

See below for more images from the event:



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