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For those of you who don’t know a lot about me other than the fact that my name is Annie and I (obviously) love high fashion, I also work in a designer, multi-brand jewellery store called Cadenzza.
The concept of Cadenzza formed back in 2012, then opening it’s very first store in Innsbruck, Austria, just 9 months after the first talk about it’s creation. And within months it expanded across the world to open its first UK store in Westfield Statford, boasting as a one of a kind, trend-led jewellery store targeting the fashion-conscious females in the world. Now with 5 stores in the UK’s capital, and one in all Birmingham, Meadowhall and my home town Liverpool (as well as having stores all over the world), it is expanding fast!
I figured that seen as a lot of you don’t know me all that well, and I work in a designer store AND I have a blog which focuses on high fashion, why not combine the three for a blog post – great idea, I know!
So I started working in Cadenzza at the beginning of this year in January, after being an employee for Swarovski for 8 months previously. Cadenzza is part of the Swarovski company, which is how I originally heard about it, and although working for Swarovski was great, when I heard a store closer to where I lived was opening and it sold jewellery from designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Versace, Roberto Cavalli and Escada, it was impossible to not jump at the opportunity.
I’d also like to add that I am not getting paid for this post, nor’ have I been asked to write it and may I also state nobody in my company even knows I am writing about it – so all comments/opinions are my own!
So, Cadenzza is a handpicked, luxury multi-brand store – meaning that the buyers for the company specifically choose the pieces to sell in store, and ‘multi-brand’ meaning they sell a range of different designers in one store. From the big names we all know, to smaller, up-and-coming designers we need to know! Despite being part of the Swarovski Group, Cadenzza is its own brand – and on a completely different level, although most of the pieces are embellished in the iconic Swarovski Crystals, there is just something about the craftsmanship and look of the pieces that screams luxury. Though some (please take note of the some) of the prices are not ‘student friendly’, with price points reaching out up to £929, I would like you to put your eyes back in your sockets and lift your jaw back up, as the prices also drop right down to £19, with everything ranging in-between, so if one price scares you off, there will definitely be something you love within your price range.

Now, like any store, there are going to be pieces you love, and pieces you hate, but what is a good store if it doesn’t have variety, one thing I can guarantee is there is something to suit everyone. To some people, the term ‘fashion jewellery’ can be quite off-putting, mainly because whenever we usually think about fashion jewellery, they think of a pair of bendy gold-plated plastic earrings from Topshop that if you put too close to your heated rollers they will slowly start to melt, but if you can remove that image from your head, and picture… in fact, don’t bother yourself, I’ll just show you instead!

If you’re a girl (or man, men can wear jewellery too) who loves to wow, with a bold statement piece, Oscar De La Renta may take your fancy with one of his latest collections which is exclusive to Cadenzza stores. Made with tasteful, multi-faceted golden Swarovski Crystals and 14k Russian gold-plating, this statement piece would stand out against a dark evening dress and compliments every skin tone.image


Or maybe you prefer to be more playful and expressive with your accessories, therefore I would 100% recommend a piece of Robeto Cavalli, he himself said ““I design for a good time, to make life more enjoyable” and that is certainly visible in his designs. Cavalli is known for his love of animal prints in clothing and it is no different in his jewellery, one of my favourite collections is his Monkey collection, nothing says fun more than a pair of monkeys hanging from your ears!image image image image

For those of you who would love to be able to wear something that screams “look at me”, but it is just way out of your comfort zone, as it is mine, Ted Baker is ideal for the simple but eye-catching pieces that still maintain that on-trend image and can be worn on a daily basis. With matching whole sets and affordable prices, Ted is a perfect addition to anyone’s jewellery box.image image image image

And for those who just need something small, classic and simple, Myia Passiello, one of my favourites, may be more your style. Myia Passiello’s collections offer subtly eye-catching pieces with a contemporary twist on timeless designs. Crafted in either 22k gold-plated or platinum-plated 925 sterling silver and set with the Swarovski Zirconia Pure Brilliance cut—the finest simulated diamond in the world—the Myia Passiello collections bring a unique clarity and richness to fine silver jewellery.image image image

If none of these pieces have grabbed your attention, why not take a look at pieces from the other 66 designers Cadenzza has to offer. If you have never been into a Cadenzza store or checked out their website, now would also be a brilliant time to check out the closest store to you. Tomorrow (November 1st) Cadenzza are launching their new season collections, with new pieces from Oscar De La Renta and Versace (See the sneak peak preview below), I can honestly say there are some pieces you really won’t want to miss. And as well as a new launch, Cadenzza are also offering 10% off to new customers when you shop online!

image image image image image image

Again, just to remind you, I haven’t been asked to write a post on Cadenzza, nor’ will I be paid for it, I am writing it purely out of passion for the pieces!

Enjoy your halloween, and hope to see some of you write reviews about jewellery you have bought from a Cadenzza store in the future!

Annie x

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