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I’m really struggling to find the time at the moment to do any major blog posts, so with it being my first day off in a long time, though it’s too cold to leave my bed, I thought gather a few of my favourite makeup pieces and write about that. That way I don’t have to leave my bed, get ready or go out and I can still finally get another post on here! Lately, (since getting my lovely christmas bonus) I can’t stop buying makeup, which has surprised me as up to a few months ago I would quite happily pick up whatever was on offer for the cheapest in Boots every now and again. As somebody with pale skin, yet really rosy cheeks, I struggle to find a foundation that removes the unwanted red without giving the ‘caked on’ effect. A few months back I had my makeup professionally done and was recommended to try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, IMG_1633so with me being low on money and not a massive makeup fanatic at the time I just kind of nodded and never thought about it again, until now. Priced at £36.50, it is quite expensive but I would 100% say it is worth it. ‘Silk’ lives up to it’s expectation and feels exactly that when applying, it has a weightless, oil-free touch that blends with your skin and for anyone with unwanted colours in their face, it does just the trick in hiding it. My days are pretty long, usually consisting of college for 6 hours and often a 4 hour shift in work after that, so obviously you’re unlikely to find a foundation that won’t need a least one touch up within that time, but one is all it needs. It is definitely a foundation that I would recommend and will continue to use. For powders I have always struggled, as well as reddish cheeks, I often get dry skin in areas such as between my eyebrows and on my nose, often caused by the powders I have used.

Within the past week I purchased MAC Prep & Prime Loose Powder (£14.50 from the Company Cosmetic Store in Cheshire Oaks, £20.50 RRP) the pIMG_1631rice I will say is a little more than I’d expect to pay for it’s size. So it’s aim is to ‘set makeup, eliminate shine and makes your skin glow’, and so far I’m sold. The very reason I picked it up was for it’s gentle texture, as soft as talk, it’s barely visible, in comparison to the studio fix which is a little heavy for me, and unlike other powders, it doesn’t leave the white, ashy casts. The promised glow isn’t too obvious but that’s what highlighter is for anyway!

Talking of highlighter, I get excited to do my makeup everyday now solely for my highlighter! So I picked up Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlighter, £24.50, a couple of weeks back now.IMG_1632

This is my first Benefit product, again bought since having a bit more money to spend aimlessly, and it won’t be my last. It’s a wind-up, roll on that you can immediately see the results of, adding a defined shimmer to you skin and blends with my foundation well! Most definitely one of my favourite makeup products!

Recently nude lipsticks are a big hype, with only Kylie Jenner to blame, so I couldn’t not buy one. With everybody’s favourite, Velvet Teddy by MAC, being pretty much impossible to get your hands on, if you’re familiar with Liverpool’s Metquarter you will know right opposite MAC is Illamaqua, which I’d heard enough positive things about to go in. I ended up leaving with Glamour Lipstick in shade Starkers which I was informed is one of their best sellers, and after using it for almost a month I definitely know why. At £18.50, it is a big price to pay for a lipstick, and even with how amazing it is I still struggle to justify the price, but I suppose it’s more the brand than anything I’m paying for. I have seen a few reviews saying that Velvet Teddy and Starkers and practically the same lipstick, and I will agree! Starkers has a creamy, moisturising texture than feels soft on your lips, I’ve had lipsticks in the past that feel like I an scrubbing chalk onto my face, so it was a pleasant change! It’s not smudge-proof but it does an amazing job of lasting at least 2 hours without needing to touch it up. The shade is deceived as a ‘soft flesh-pink’ and has a ‘sultry’ look in my pale skin. If you’re struggling to find the right nude, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try.

For someone with small eyelashes but doesn’t like them looking extremely bold on a casual day, Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara is what you need. The particular mascara comes in 4 different shades of black, and I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what shade mine is, but it does the trick! This mascara will last me from 8:30am to 9:00pm, maybe only needing a touch up at 3:30. For a casual look it is brilliant, so ‘spidery looking’ lashes and doesn’t clog your eyelashes at all. The mascara has a lightness to it which makes you forget you’re even wearing any. A product which aims to provide your lashes with intense sultry colour without the weight, it not only meets but exceeds it’s expectations. (Priced at £25.50 which i pretend not to know as it was a christmas present) Gel eyeliners to me are pretty much all similar, I honestly couldn’t point out the differences, but I thought I may as well just include what I use to complete the package. I bought MAC’s Fluidline Gel Eyeliner IMG_1634a few months back in October during a retail therapy splurge. One thing I will say is I still have 3/4 of the small pot left and I tend to use it everyday! It’s texture is smooth and ‘clunk free’, allowing it to glide on gently and naturally. At £15.50 it’s only what you really expect when buying a MAC product.

So within a couple of months I went from being clueless and careless for what I was putting on my face, to being brand obsessed with makeup!

Everything is linked to the website other than MAC’s Prep & Prime due to it now being discontinued, but if you ever find yourself in Cheshire Oaks and The Company Cosmetic Store, you will find it there!

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  • Reply thebeautysanctuary

    I’m in LOVE with MAC’s face and body foundation!

    February 11, 2015 at 7:57 pm
    • Reply Annie Williams

      I still need to try MAC’s foundations! Definitely a next buy!

      February 11, 2015 at 8:52 pm

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